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Azure Blob Storage

Scale applications based on the count of blobs in a given Azure Blob Storage† container.

Availability: v1.1+ | Maintainer: Community

†: As of now, this Azure Blob Storage scaler scales based on the count of the blobs in a container as oppose to the Azure Functions behaviour where code is only triggered on new blobs.

Trigger Specification

This specification describes the azure-blob trigger for Azure Blob Storage. It scales based on the count of blobs in a given blob storage container and assumes the worker is responsible for clearing the container by delete/move the blobs once the blob processing completed.

  - type: azure-blob
      blobContainerName: functions-blob # Required: Name of Azure Blob Storage container
      blobCount: '5' # Optional. Amount of blobs to scale out on. Default: 5 blobs 
      connection: STORAGE_CONNECTIONSTRING_ENV_NAME # Optional if TriggerAuthentication defined with pod identity or connection string authentication.
      blobPrefix:  # Optional. Prefix for the Blob. Use this to specifiy sub path for the blobs if required. Default : ""
      blobDelimiter: # Optional. Delimiter for identifying the blob Prefix. Default: "/"

The connection value is the name of the environment variable your deployment uses to get the connection string. This is usually resolved from a Secret V1 or a ConfigMap V1 collections. env and envFrom are both supported.

Authentication Parameters

You can authenticate by using pod identity or connection string authentication.

Connection String Authentication:

  • connection - Connection string for Azure Storage Account


kind: TriggerAuthentication
  name: azure-blob-auth
    provider: azure
kind: ScaledObject
  name: azure-blob-scaledobject
  namespace: default
    deploymentName: azureblob-function
  - type: azure-blob
      # Required
      blobContainerName: functionsblob
      # Optional
      blobCount: "5" # default 5
      blobPrefix: blobsubpath # Default : ""
      blobDelimiter: "/" # Default: "/"
        name: azure-blob-auth # authenticationRef would need either podIdentity or define a connection parameter