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Scale applications based on the count of running pods that match the given selectors.

Availability: v2.4+ Maintainer: Community


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Trigger Specification

- type: kubernetes-workload
    podSelector: 'app=backend'
    value: '1'

Parameter list:

  • podSelector - Label selector that will be used to get the pod count. It supports multiple selectors split by a comma character (,). It also supports set-based requirements and a mix of them.
  • value - Target relation between the scaled workload and the amount of pods which matches the selector. It will be calculated following this formula: relation = (pods which match selector) / (scaled workload pods).

💡 Note: The search scope is limited to the namespace where the ScaledObject is deployed.

The count excludes terminated pods, i.e. pod status phase equals Succeeded or Failed.

Authentication Parameters

The own KEDA’s identity is used to list the pods, so no extra configuration is needed here.


apiVersion: keda.sh/v1alpha1
kind: ScaledObject
  name: workload-scaledobject
    name: workload-deployment
  - type: kubernetes-workload
      podSelector: 'app=backend, deploy notin (critical, monolith)'
      value: '3'