CPU Latest

Scale applications based on cpu metrics.

Availability: v2.0+ Maintainer: Community


  • This scaler will never scale to 0 and even when user defines multiple scaler types (eg. Kafka + cpu/memory, or Prometheus + cpu/memory), the deployment will never scale to 0.
  • This scaler only applies to ScaledObject, not to Scaling Jobs.

Trigger Specification

This specification describes the cpu trigger that scales based on cpu metrics.

- type: cpu
  metricType: Utilization/ AverageValue
    type: Utilization/ AverageValue # Deprecated in favor of trigger.metricType
    value: "60"

Parameter list:

  • type - Type of metric to use. Options are Utilization, or AverageValue.
  • value - Value to trigger scaling actions for:
    • When using Utilization, the target value is the average of the resource metric across all relevant pods, represented as a percentage of the requested value of the resource for the pods.
    • When using AverageValue, the target value is the target value of the average of the metric across all relevant pods (quantity).

đź’ˇ NOTE: The type parameter is deprecated in favor of the global metricType and will be removed in a future release. Users are advised to use metricType instead.


apiVersion: keda.sh/v1alpha1
kind: ScaledObject
  name: cpu-scaledobject
  namespace: default
    name: my-deployment
  - type: cpu
    metricType: Utilization
      value: "50"

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