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Scale applications based on a cron schedule.

Availability: v1.5+ Maintainer: Community

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Trigger Specification

This specification describes the cron trigger that scales based on a Cron Schedule.

- type: cron
    # Required
    timezone: Asia/Kolkata  # The acceptable values would be a value from the IANA Time Zone Database.
    start: 30 * * * *       # Every hour on the 30th minute
    end: 45 * * * *         # Every hour on the 45th minute
    desiredReplicas: "10"

Parameter list:

  • timezone - One of the acceptable values from the IANA Time Zone Database. The list of timezones can be found here.
  • start - Cron expression indicating the start of the cron schedule.
  • end - Cron expression indicating the end of the cron schedule.
  • desiredReplicas - Number of replicas to which the resource has to be scaled between the start and end of the cron schedule.

đź’ˇ Note: start/end support “Linux format cron” (Minute Hour Dom Month Dow).

Notice: Start and end should not be same.

For example, the following schedule is not valid:

start: 30 * * * *
end: 30 * * * *


kind: ScaledObject
  name: cron-scaledobject
  namespace: default
    name: my-deployment
  - type: cron
      timezone: Asia/Kolkata
      start: 30 * * * *
      end: 45 * * * *
      desiredReplicas: "10"

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