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Overview of all Prometheus metrics that KEDA provides


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Prometheus Exporter Metrics

The KEDA Metrics Adapter exposes Prometheus metrics which can be scraped on port 9022 (this can be changed by setting the metrics-port argument for the Metrics Adapter) at /metrics. The metrics collected in the Metrics Adapter are only active when the HPA is active (> 0 replicas).

The following metrics are being gathered:

  • keda_metrics_adapter_scaler_errors_total - The total number of errors encountered for all scalers.
  • keda_metrics_adapter_scaled_object_error_totals- The number of errors that have occurred for each scaled object.
  • keda_metrics_adapter_scaler_errors - The number of errors that have occurred for each scaler.
  • keda_metrics_adapter_scaler_metrics_value- The current value for each scaler’s metric that would be used by the HPA in computing the target average.