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Scale applications based on Azure Storage Queues.

Availability: v1.0+ Maintainer: Microsoft


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Trigger Specification

This specification describes the azure-queue trigger for Azure Storage Queue.

- type: azure-queue
    queueName: orders
    queueLength: '5'
    activationQueueLength: '50'
    accountName: storage-account-name
    cloud: AzureUSGovernmentCloud

Parameter list:

  • queueName - Name of the queue.
  • queueLength - Target value for queue length passed to the scaler. Example: if one pod can handle 10 messages, set the queue length target to 10. If the actual number of messages in the queue is 30, the scaler scales to 3 pods. (Default: 5, Optional)
  • activationQueueLength - Target value for activating the scaler. Learn more about activation here. (Default: 0, Optional)
  • connectionFromEnv - Name of the environment variable your deployment uses to get the connection string.
  • accountName - Name of the storage account that the queue belongs to.
  • cloud - Name of the cloud environment that the queue belongs to. Must be a known Azure cloud environment, or Private for Azure Stack Hub or Air Gapped clouds. (valid values: AzurePublicCloud, AzureUSGovernmentCloud, AzureChinaCloud, AzureGermanCloud, Private; default: AzurePublicCloud)

When cloud is set to Private, the endpointSuffix parameter is required. Otherwise, it is automatically generated based on the cloud environment. endpointSuffix represents the storage queue endpoint suffix of the cloud environment that the queue belongs to, e.g. for AzurePublicCloud.

Authentication Parameters

You can authenticate by using pod identity or connection string authentication.

Connection String Authentication:

  • connection - Connection string for Azure Storage Account.

Pod identity based authentication:

Azure AD Pod Identity or Azure AD Workload Identity providers can be used.


kind: TriggerAuthentication
  name: azure-queue-auth
    provider: azure | azure-workload
kind: ScaledObject
  name: azure-queue-scaledobject
  namespace: default
    name: azurequeue-function
  - type: azure-queue
      # Required
      queueName: functionsqueue
      # Optional, required when pod identity is used
      accountName: storage-account-name
      # Optional: connection OR authenticationRef that defines connection
      connectionFromEnv: STORAGE_CONNECTIONSTRING_ENV_NAME # Default: AzureWebJobsStorage. Reference to a connection string in deployment
      # or authenticationRef as defined below
      # Optional
      queueLength: "5" # default 5
      cloud: Private
      endpointSuffix: queue.local.azurestack.external # Required when cloud=Private
        name: azure-queue-auth # authenticationRef would need either podIdentity or define a connection parameter