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How can I use KEDA in a proxy network?

If while setting up KEDA, you get an error: ( status FailedDiscoveryCheck with a message: no response from https://ip:443: Get https://ip:443: net/http: request canceled while waiting for connection (Client.Timeout exceeded while awaiting headers).

One of the reason for this can be that you are behind a proxy network.

Check the status:

Find the api service name for the service keda/keda-metrics-apiserver:

kubectl get apiservice --all-namespaces

Check for the status of the api service found in previous step:

kubectl get apiservice <apiservicename' -o yaml


kubectl get apiservice -o yaml

If the status is False, then there seems to be an issue and proxy network might be the primary reason for it.

Solution for self-managed Kubernetes cluster:

Find the cluster IP for the keda-metrics-apiserver and keda-operator-metrics:

kubectl get services --all-namespaces

In the /etc/kubernetes/manifests/kube-apiserver.yaml - add the cluster IPs found in the previous step in no_proxy variable.

Reload systemd manager configuration:

sudo systemctl daemon-reload

Restart kubelet:

sudo systemctl restart kubelet

Check the API service status and the pods now. Should work!

Solution for managed Kubernetes services:

In managed Kubernetes services you might solve the issue by updating firewall rules in your cluster.

E.g. in GKE private cluster add port 6443 (kube-apiserver) to allowed ports in master node firewall rules.