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Deploying KEDA

We provide a few approaches to deploy KEDA runtime in your Kubernetes clusters:

  • Helm charts
  • YAML declarations

Don’t see what you need? Feel free to create an issue on our GitHub repo.

Deploying with Helm

Deploying KEDA with Helm is very simple:

  1. Add Helm repo

    helm repo add kedacore
  2. Update Helm repo

    helm repo update
  3. Install keda Helm chart

    Helm 2
    helm install kedacore/keda --namespace keda --name keda
    Helm 3
    kubectl create namespace keda
    helm install keda kedacore/keda --namespace keda

Deploying using the deploy yaml

If you want to try KEDA on minikube or a different Kubernetes deployment without using Helm you can still deploy it with kubectl.

We provide sample YAML declarations which includes our CRD - You can find them in our /deploy directory on our GitHub repo.

kubectl apply -f deploy/crds/keda.k8s.io_scaledobjects_crd.yaml
kubectl apply -f deploy/crds/keda.k8s.io_triggerauthentications_crd.yaml
kubectl apply -f deploy/

Uninstalling KEDA

If you want to remove KEDA from a cluster you can run one of the following:

Using Helm 3
helm uninstall -n keda keda
kubectl delete -f
kubectl delete -f
Using Helm 2
helm delete --purge keda
kubectl delete -f
kubectl delete -f
Using YAML

You would need to run these commands from within the directory of the cloned GitHub repo

kubectl delete -f deploy/crds/keda.k8s.io_scaledobjects_crd.yaml
kubectl delete -f deploy/crds/keda.k8s.io_triggerauthentications_crd.yaml
kubectl delete -f deploy/