KEDA is graduating to CNCF Graduated project 🎉

KEDA Maintainers

August 22, 2023

In 2019, KEDA embarked on a mission to make application autoscaling on Kubernetes dead-simple. Our aim was to make sure that every Kubernetes platform can use it to scale applications without having to worry about the underlying autoscaling infrastructure.

As part of that mission, we wanted to build a vendor-neutral project that is open to everyone and nicely integrates with other tools. Because of that, the KEDA maintainers decided that the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) was a natural fit and got accepted as a sandbox project in 2020.

KEDA started evolving and became a more mature autoscaler which came with more scalers out-of-the-box and introduced new concepts such as scaled jobs, trigger authentication, operational metrics, and more. The community started growing as well, the project governance matured and KEDA became a CNCF Incubation project in 2021.

In the past year and a half, KEDA started focussing on making it easier to use for larger enterprises and use KEDA at-scale serving thousands of scaled objects with low performance impact.

Today is another important milestone in KEDA’s journey - We are excited to announce that the CNCF has accepted to move KEDA to a CNCF Graduated project next to projects such as Kubernetes, Prometheus, Istio and others! 🎉.

It has been great to see how KEDA has been adopted and is being used by more than 45+ listed end-users:

architecture diagram

We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to KEDA, installed KEDA, gave feedback or talked about it in the community. Additionally, we want to thank our CNCF TOC sponsors (Cathy Zhang & Ricardo Rocha) for their support, help and trust in our project as part of the graduation process!

We are excited about this new phase of KEDA and are looking forward to making KEDA even better!

Happy scaling,

KEDA maintainers.