HTTP add-on is looking for contributors by end of November

Tom Kerkhove (KEDA)

September 27, 2022

On Nov 25, 2020, we started the HTTP add-on based on @arschles his initial POC which closed a big gap in KEDA’s story - HTTP autoscaling without a dependency on an external system, such as Prometheus.

To this day, the autoscaling community has a very high demand for a solution in this area that auto scales and works in the same manner as the KEDA core.

With the add-on, we want to cover all traffic patterns ranging from ingress, to service meshes and service-to-service communication and make it super simple to autoscale (and with scale-to-zero support).

As time passed by, we’ve seen @arschles lead the HTTP add-on to a beta stage and have defined the requirements for it to become a GA add-on.

Unfortunately we have seen very few contributions to the project and @arschles has switched roles and is unable to maintain it anymore.

📢 Because of that, we are doing an active call for contributors and will assess the future of the HTTP add-on by the end of November based on the community and (hopefully) contribution growth. Until then, the project is on-hold. 📢

If we do not have at least 3 contributors take charge we will have to see what alternatives we have.

We’d also want to take the time to say a big thank you to @arschles for his hard work on this and hopefully we can continue taking it forward!

Join our discussion on GitHub if you want to stay up-to-date or want to get involved.